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AFTER Si Klegg had finally yielded to his cumulative patriotic impulses and enlisted in the 200th Ind. for three years or until the rebellion was put down, with greater earnestness and solemnity to equip himself for his new career.

Naturally so diabolical an intention sent cold shivers down Si's back.

"If that ain't old pizen!" said Si. "It beats anything I ever seen up in the Wabash country."

At one of the meetings of the Army of the Cumberland Gen. Garfield told a story which may appropriately close this chapter.

Si Falls out With his Food 055

"What does who say?" replied Si, getting red in the face, and bristling up and trying to assume an air of indifference.

yer don't know as much as a mule. The Capt'n made me walk up

"Look a' thar," he said to Shorty. "What 'n name of all the prophets 's them fellers up to?"

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