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The other half of the canteen was useful to brown coffee, bake hoe-cake, and serve for toilet purposes.

"Beg yer pardon," said Si; "I always was lefthanded. I'll learn if yer only gimme a show!"

"You bet!"

"I s'pose that's on account of the dust 'n' sweat," said Si.

Though e spirit of these young patriots was willing, the flesh was weak. It wasn't long till Si began to limp. Now and then a groan escaped his lips as a fresh blister "broke." But Si clinched his teeth, humped his back to ease his shoulders from the weight of his knapsack, screwed up his courage, and tramped on over the stony pike. He thought the breathing spells were very short and a long way apart.

"Same old rijiment!" was the answer from half a dozen at once. A single glance told the swarthy veterans that the fresh-looking youth who asked this conundrum belonged to one of the new regiments, and they immediately opened their batteries upon him:

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