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The unloading went on even more rapidly than the day before.

The war would have lasted a good deal longer had it not been for the daily help of the ever-useful half-canteen.

WHEN Josiah (called "Si" for short) Klegg, of the 200th Ind., drew his canteen from the Quartermaster at Louisville, he did not have a very high idea of its present or prospective importance. In the 22 hot Summers that he had lived through he had never found himself very far from a well or spring when his thirst cried out to be slacked, and he did not suppose that it was much farther between wells down South.

It's from Annabel 081

yer don't know as much as a mule. The Capt'n made me walk up

Si looked at Shorty as if he thought his conundrums were an indication of approaching idiocy. Then he said, half to himself:

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