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He had been in service just long enough to believe that the Colonel ought to look out for and attend to everything.

"Bully for you!" said Si, for he felt that he must begin to talk like a soldier.

"You tell Squire Joneses boy that he haint got sand enuff to

Fortunately for Si, and for more than half the members of the regiment, the army did not move next day, and the doctors had a good opportunity to get in their work.

Si went back to his cooking, with the Pediculus still on his arm. He wanted to show it to Shorty. The Captain's profound explanation, with its large words, was a little too much for Si. He did not yet clearly comprehend the matter, and as he walked thoughtfully to where Shorty was "bilin'" the coffee he was trying to get through his head what it all meant.

Zwei glass o' la-ger, Yaw! Yaw! Yaw!!!

"How d'ye like it as far as you've got, any way?"

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