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The other half of the canteen was useful to brown coffee, bake hoe-cake, and serve for toilet purposes.

"What in the name of General Jackson are you doing, you measly idiot! Who ordered you to load and fire your piece?"

"Silence!"' thundered the Sergeant. "If you speak another word I'll have ye gagged 'n' tied up by the thumbs!"

"Shoulder—Arms!" ordered the Sergeant, and the guns came straggling up into position. Then, after a few words of instruction, "Right shoulder shift—Arms!"

Don't Care a Continental 073

Si waited anxiously to hear his name called as the pile letters rapidly grew smaller, and he began to think he was going to get left.

At the usual hour in the morning the bugle blew the "sick-call." A regiment of tanned and grizzled veterans from Ohio lay next to the 200th Ind., and as Si lay there he heard them take up the music:

"Mebbe they'll git to draftin' after a while," observed Si, "'n' if they do I hope that'll ketch em!"

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