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Everybody who was in that campaign remembers how terribly hot and dry everything was.

"I say, Captain, don't they never have resting spells in the army?" said Si.

"Morgan's cavalry are shooting some more stragglers," shouted some one.

The Diverse Uses of the Good Old Canteen 029

At one of the meetings of the Army of the Cumberland Gen. Garfield told a story which may appropriately close this chapter.

"I tell ye, pard, this is purty derned tough!" said Si as he wiped a tear out of the southwest corner of his left eye with the sleeve of his blouse. "I think the Cap'n's hard on a feller who didn't mean to do nothin' wrong!" And Si looked as if he had lost all his interest in the old flag, and didn't care a pinch of his burnt rice what became of the union.

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